Edinburgh Fringe 2014: Bitesize Chekhov


8 August 2014, ThreeWeeks Edinburgh Review

D’animate and ‘Bitesize Chekhov’ make a welcome return to the Fringe. Chekhov is notoriously difficult to decipher, but this production provides an approachable and highly enjoyable introduction, with three of his one act plays. ‘The Dangers of Tobacco’ involves a pathetic man’s already fragile self-esteem being torn asunder, while ‘The Proposal’ hysterically portrays a hypochondriac’s attempts to pop the question. Finally, ‘Swan Song’ shows us an actor in his declining years. The production blends mime, physical theatre, farce and dance, and rests on the strength of its performers. Thankfully, they work together like the mechanisms of a well-designed clock: acting in perfect synchronisation, no movement is extraneous, and all is done with abundant energy to create a near perfect production.

Image: Alixroth/Flickr



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