Edinburgh Fringe 2014 Review: Beans on Toast


20 August 2014, ThreeWeeks Edinburgh Review

Scott loves Jen, and Jen loves Scott, but Jen has gone. ‘Beans On Toast’ goes through all the significant moments of their relationship, out of sequence, with a song or two thrown in for good measure. These ‘loveable’ characters are sassy, fast-talking and so underdeveloped they remain practically stationary. Apart from when they have their sole argument, their relationship appears completely faultless, apparently formed with some kind of perfect couple cookie cutter. This lack of any real conflict makes for rather plodding viewing, with any meaning almost entirely lost in the action. The production is staged well by the cast, who all play Jen and Scott at various points, but this does nothing to stop it being a one dimensionally pretty, rather than meaningful, production.

Image: Alixroth/Flickr


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