Edinburgh Fringe 2014 Review: Le Flop


18 August 2014, ThreeWeeks Edinburgh Review

‘Le Flop’ is like a tin of chocolates: bright, colourful but ultimately disposable. The idea behind the show seems to be that mind-numbing stupidity is funny, but it’s impossible to sum up what ‘Le Flop’ is actually about. “Four clowns muck about for an hour” doesn’t quite seem like enough of a description, but it’s accurate. Clearly ‘Le Flop’ is trying to be ironic, hoping to score laughs by being deliberately awful, but around half the audience left within the first ten minutes, when it became obvious that a man with a whoopee cushion was going to be the highpoint of the show. The whole show was tedious to watch, a real disappointment.

Image: Alixroth/Flickr


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